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[mkgmap-dev] Apply style to relation

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Thu Nov 4 18:10:47 GMT 2010

I want to display all members of a given type of route relation with a 
custom style, in addition with the line style that corresponds to each 
member of the relation, which can be tracks or different kinds of roads.
I've added the following line to the relations style file:
type=route & route=my_type {add my_tag=yes}

and the following line to the lines style file:
my_tag=yes [0x10603 resolution 12 continue] (I also tried my_tag=yes & 
highway=* [0x10603 resolution 12 continue])

If I manually add my_tag=yes to a way it is displayed as I want (see 
attached screenshot), so I assume TYP and lines files are OK. What's the 
problem with the relations file?
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