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[mkgmap-dev] actual splitter branch

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Nov 4 07:42:29 GMT 2010

Hi Marko

> Everything except the .svn directories. Could you add the jar files to
> the splitter repository, or are there some license considerations?

There was no license indication on the osmpbf files last time I looked, 
but mainly I didn't check anything in because I just bodged it to get it 
to build and it needs sorting out properly.

> How hard would it to be to make splitter output the data in osm.pbf
> format instead of osm.gz?

I don't know, probably not that hard.

> By the way, I figured out that by carefully adjusting the tile borders,
> it is not necessary to filter the input (move the coastline endpoints).
> This approach also creates less "imaginary sea" around the map tiles.
> Polygon-shaped tiles would solve this problem in an even more elegant
> way.

That sounds very interesting, is it something you do (or could do) 
automatically or are you adjusting by hand?


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