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[mkgmap-dev] Turn restrictions fixed in osm.pbf

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Nov 2 08:15:42 GMT 2010

Hello Steve,

>> 2010/10/31 21:17:25 WARNING (RestrictionRelation): finland.osm.pbf: 
>> Turn restriction http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/168868 
>> (at 
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=61.89944&mlon=27.80067&zoom=17) 
>> lacks 'via' node (guessing it should be at 
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=61.89854&mlon=27.80311&zoom=17, 
>> why don't you add it to the OSM data?)
>> If I process the same data in the OSM XML format, I do not see these
>> messages. Could it be that the RestrictionRelation handler is picky
>> about the order of the relation members when processing osm.pbf input?
>Assuming that both the .osm and the .osm.pbf are exactly the same (ie 
>using osmosis to convert the .pbf to the .osm leads to an identical 
>file, except for header stuff), then any difference in the .img is a 
>mkgmap bug.
>The last bug in this area was fixed in r1720.

I am using mkgmap r1724. My script normally converts the map from 
.osm.pbf to .osm, but I tried processing the finland.osm.pbf directly 
for two sparse map layers, --style=control and --style=routes.

You can get my scripts from http://www.polkupyoraily.net/osm/ if needed.

Here is what I just tried on yesterday's data:

java -Xmx1024m -Dlog.config=logging.properties -jar mkgmap.jar \
--style=control finland.osm.pbf
grep 'Turn restriction.*lacks' mkgmap.log.0|wc -l

I believe that it is missing all 'node' members of a relation, because 
it is looking up the nodes by the relation id (id) instead of the member 
element id (mid). Yes, r1726 did the trick for me: all these warnings 
are now gone.


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