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[mkgmap-dev] RFE --merge-lines only from resolution X

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Nov 1 22:28:44 GMT 2010


> It currently works at all resolutions. However at 24 and 22 I could not

Well all I can say is that the code is only called for
resolutions less than 24:

	if (mergeLines && res < 24) {
		LineMergeFilter merger = new LineMergeFilter();
		lines = merger.merge(lines);

The resolution 24 may be affected somehow by the other levels on the
device somehow I suppose.

> I'm not sure how the code works currently, but ideally it should be
> working on every resolution separately. For example while at resolution

Currently it does apply at every resolution separately, but I think
that is likely the problem. It is also not done to the road
definitions which can't be right.

There is no advantage of working on each resolution separately with
the way the code exists since it starts out as one single set of lines
and as long as you take care to not join lines that are meant to be
displayed at different levels, then there is nothing I think you can
do per level that you can't do before calculating the subdivisions.

I think that the place to do merging is before the subdivisions are
created.  I realise that one of the comments was that there is no
suitable 'in between' place to do this, but I'd be happy if need be
to introduce such a place.

I also think that the lines must be merged before adding to the road


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