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[mkgmap-dev] RFE --merge-lines only from resolution X

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Mon Nov 1 20:19:31 GMT 2010

>   One more problem, you cannot route onto those broken roads, as the routing 
> will go to the place the popup is at. That means any merged-line, cannot be 
> choosen as a destination for autorouting (or said, you cannot decide where on 
> the road you'll end up).
> See following screenshot (same problem on GPS):
> Instead of being routed to where I clicked (see where the mouse is) - I get 
> routed onto the other side of the trail!
Thank you for the screenshots.
It shows another problem with the dp filter too. If you look closely, 
you will see a small discrepancy between the drawn track and the pink 
routing line at the sharp corner. This has the same background: The 
routing data does not match the draw line data.
Seems we need to think about the filter structure in general. These 
filters have to be applied both before the generation of routing data.


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