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[mkgmap-dev] Missing ways part 1

From Adrian ar2988-os at yahoo.co.uk on Fri Oct 29 16:41:15 BST 2010

On 23/10/10, Markus_g wrote:

> The only thing that seems to work for me on Australia if I use the
> default style is overlap of 50000. If I use any thing less I get lines
> of maritime boundaries drawing all over the place and have some
> missing ways.

I've had a look at this. I followed the recipe in Markus_g's earlier
I first looked at the coastline and did not find any problems.

[While looking at the coastline, I did however find some multipolygons
where I had doubts about the tagging or structure. In each case, one of
the outer ways is a coastline way. I do not feel it is appropriate for
me to edit Australian map data, so here is a list for anyone who may
wish to take this up.
rel. id  coast way id  way reversed
  370821  47033944
  548247  54777428
1216240  82155137      y
1231296  82163390
1237298  82378497      y
1240053  82488289      y]

I then realised that Markus_g was talking about the line marking the
12-mile limit of territorial waters. Using the default overlap in
splitter and the default style, I saw what Markus_g described. Apart
from a small gap in the line, all the problems are in tile #3, in the
vicinity of Tasmania. (See the attached areas.list) This is my analysis.

The problems relate to four ways, all tagged boundary=administrative:
way id    admin_level  rel. memberships                       role
62201729  2            Australia, Tasmania                    both outer
31509803  2            Australia, Tasmania                    both outer
31508204  2            Australia, Victoria                    both outer
62201730  2            Australia, Tasmania, 966803(timezone)  all outer
and three multipolygon relations, all tagged boundary=administrative:
rel id  admin_level  name
80500   2            Australia
85104   4            Tasmania
80371   4            Victoria
Tile #1 is to the east of tile #3 and the boundary between them is at
147.48°E. Way 62201729 starts and finishes in tile #3 but makes two
excursions into tile #1, so it crosses the boundary four times, although
one excursion does not go beyond the overlap region of tile #3. Way
31509803 starts and finishes in tile #3 and makes one excursion into
tile #1, going beyond the overlap region of tile #3. Way 31508204 starts
in tile #3 and finishes in tile #1. Way 62201730 is entirely within tile

There are two issues as Markus_g described, stray lines and missing
ways; plus a small gap.

Splitter is working as intended, at least with the default overlap.

The stray lines could be changed to gaps by a modification to mkgmap.
The stray lines and/or gaps are inherent to the way splitter works, but
are readily fixed by a modest increase in the overlap, or by increasing
the density of points in the map.

Stray lines are caused by this combination of circumstances:
a) A way leaves a tile, going beyond the overlap region,
b) The way has no node in the overlap region, and
c) The way re-enters the overlap region or the tile.
The stray line is drawn from the last node in the tile before a),
towards the first node after c), finishing at the tile boundary. E.g.
for way 62201729, from node 352667234 towards node 352667223; and for
way 31509803, from node 352667561 towards node 352650024. The two nodes
are not consecutive nodes of the way. Mkgmap must have been
intentionally coded to draw lines between non-consecutive nodes, passing
over nodes whose lat-long is missing. Mkgmap would 'know' it has passed
over a node, because mkgmap must work from the sequence of node ids, and
the tile always contains the complete sequence for a way. Drawing the
lines might be the best policy when both nodes are in the tile. But when
one of the nodes is outside the tile, mkgmap could leave a gap rather
than drawing a stray line. Mkgmap already 'knows' that one of the nodes
is outside the tile, because it is finishing the line at the tile
boundary. It just needs to detect the combination of a) passing over a
node, and b) one node outside the tile.

For the missing ways, I will describe exactly what is seen in the Garmin
map. At zoom settings of 200mi or more, nothing is displayed. At zoom
settings from 150mi to 10mi, ways with admin_level=2 are displayed. This
is set in the style. At zoom settings of 7mi or less, ways with
admin_level=2 or 4 are displayed. In some cases the ways have two
labels. My interpretation of this is that there are two superimposed
In tiles except #3, it is like these ways in tile #1:
way id    label in zoom 150mi   labels in zoom 7mi
62201729  "Australia"           "Australia", "Tasmania"
31509803  "Australia"           "Australia", "Tasmania"
31508204  "Australia"           "Australia", "Victoria"
In tile #3:
way id    label in zoom 150mi   label(s) in zoom 7mi
62201729  [not rendered]        "Tasmania"
31509803  [not rendered]        "Tasmania"
31508204  "Victoria/Australia"  "Victoria/Australia"
62201730  "Intl. Border"        "Intl. Border", "Tasmania"
There is another way, 31508201, which crosses from tile #3 into tile
#10, and comes out the same as way 31508204. My conclusion from these
observations is that multipolygon "Australia" is not rendered in tile
#3, and this has different effects on different ways, depending on the
number of times that the way crosses the tile boundary. Two or more
crossings - the way is not rendered. One crossing - the way is rendered
as an independent way, but acquires a label combining the names of both
parent multipolygons. No crossings - the way is rendered as an
independent way but receives a default label. It also appears that
multipolygon "Victoria" is not rendered in tile #3.

So I have broken down the interaction between a) the cutting of the map
into tiles, b) the multipolygon processing, and c) the style. It will
have to be for others more familiar with the software, to explain
exactly why the observed behaviour is happening, and to say whether it
is fixable. The tagging of boundaries in OSM is not straightforward and
I have not studied the details. So I cannot say whether these Australian
boundaries are correctly tagged. But in my opinion the results with
mkgmap are satisfactory except in tile #3, so I would hope that it is
fixable in mkgmap.

Markus_g found that --overlap=50000 in splitter solved the problems. I
believe this is simply the threshold, at which all of way 31509803 is
included in the overlap region of tile #3. Presumably this results in
multipolygon "Australia" being rendered, and that solves the problems.

I have prepared an .osm file of Markus_g's bounding box, containing just
the ways tagged admin_level=2 or 4, and the parent relations of those
ways (but none of the other ways referred to in the relations). This
reduced amount of data makes testing much easier because the file (and
individual tiles) can be quickly inspected in JOSM, and it takes only a
few seconds to make the Garmin map. The file is 14MB in .osm format and
0.4MB in .pbf format. If I am advised that this is a good thing to do, I
can e-mail the .pbf to this list. I am also willing to e-mail the file
to individuals on request (provided there are not too many!)

[The observations above, are for the reduced data set. With the full
data set, the results are slightly different. The difference arises from
relation 966803, which is incomplete in the reduced data set because way
62201731 is omitted:
rel 966803 tags type=multipolygon timezone=Australia/Currie
members (all tagged boundary=administrative)
way id    admin_level  role
62201730  2            outer
62201731  10           outer
With the full data set, way 62201730 is not rendered as an independent
way, but only as part of multipolygons "Tasmania" and 966803. It first
shows up at zoom setting 7mi, labelled "Tasmania". At zoom 0.5mi, ways
with admin_level=10 are displayed. At this zoom, multipolygon 966803 is
rendered, with a default label "St./Prv. Border". It appears that the
tags on way 62201731 have overridden the other tags. And when the
relation is not complete, it appears either that no overriding takes
place, or that the tags on way 62201730 win out over the tags on the
relation. The OSM wiki says that tags on the multipolygon override tags
on the outer ways, but the suggested algorithm implies that ways with
line-type tags should also be rendered independently, if the tags differ
from those on the multipolygon. Perhaps boundaries work differently.]
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