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[mkgmap-dev] Corrupt img directory on large image files

From Steffen Neumann sn at litotes.de on Wed Oct 27 09:23:15 BST 2010

>> The essential question is: Is it compatible to MapSource?
>Have you not tried it?
I normally don't use MapSource (*). But I've installed it - just to try out and it shows the tile with the 2 directory blocks.
So everything seems to be fine.


(*) I have my own experimental renderer. Play around with it if you like.
Download: http://www.litotes.de/osm/FancyRoute.exe
Map setup:
  Menu-Options-Preferences-Garmin Map: Insert the path to your img-folder or the path to a single img.
Some features (ungraded): draw/edit waypoints/tracks/routes, typ-support, track autorouting, gpx-in/out, map print, Garmin GPS track/route/wp up/download, POI search and many more.
Use mouse wheel to move(press) or zoom(up/down) map. Check preferences to get an impression about all features. Use menu help to get more info.
The renderer is very fast. But keep in mind: its experimental.
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