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[mkgmap-dev] Corrupt img directory on large image files

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Oct 26 20:59:55 BST 2010


>> There are a couple of places where sizes are checked, my first
>> impression is that the one in BlockManager needs changing.
> Where should it be caught? The BlockManger has a single limitation and this is maxBlock. As long as you not hit it, everything is fine. The base value in all setMaxBlock() calls is params.getReservedDirectoryBlocks(). And this seems to be always 2.

I was thinking that maxBlock is 240*240 when the block size is 512 and
not 0xfffe.  Sure, the logic to set that may be better elsewhere.

> The essential question is: Is it compatible to MapSource?

Have you not tried it?

A gmapsupp should be fine since it adjusts the block size so that
there is only one header file directory block required.  The Mdr index
just uses a 4k block size always and so there is a maximum size for

I believe that qlandkarte mostly ignores the block numbers and so
might not be affected.

> Done. Please find it attached.

OK, but we need to find out if the directory file can really have more
than one entry.


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