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[mkgmap-dev] Corrupt img directory on large image files

From Steffen Neumann sn at litotes.de on Sun Oct 24 13:32:51 BST 2010


building my own maps with mkgmap I found a strange behavior, probably a bug.

I built an full-blown img from a single 46Mb source, let's say 
63240090.osm.gz. No errors in mkgmap so far. Got the 63240090.img and 
the gmapsupp.img. The gmapsupp.img is empty - no maps in it. The 
63240090.img seems fine but is invalid.
I know that I could increase the block size to get rid of the large 
source but this is not the point.

The img starts with 0x400 bytes header. Then, due to the size of the 
source 2 header directory blocks follow. The normal directory blocks 
start subsequently at 0x800 with 63240090RGN. Unfortunately this first
block at 0x800 contains size 0 and starts with sequence number 0x01. So 
I assume that the missing first block has been overwritten by the 2nd 
header block.

Suggested code changes:
In package uk.me.parabola.imgfmt.sys
in file directory.java
in function void sync()
replace: int forHeader = (blocks + (blockSize - 1)) / blockSize;
by: int forHeader = (blocks + DirectoryEntry.SLOTS_PER_ENTRY - 
The calculation of forHeader is obviously wrong what in turn causes the 
position needed for other blocks to be wrong too.
2 lines later there's an assert to ensure a forHeader of 1. This could 
be removed. The rest of the code seems to be aware of multiple header 

If someone tells me a place were I could store the sample source I will 
do so.

I've no experience in respect of the code change procedures, so could 
one of you guys check-in the changes?

By the way - I wonder why nobody else remarked this before.


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