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[mkgmap-dev] Missing ways part 2

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Tue Oct 19 18:49:19 BST 2010

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 05:29:04AM -0700, aighes wrote:
>All in all I think, it is useful, to render a tunnel differnt than a 
>normal street.

Sure, it could be. On the Finnish OSM forum there was a recent 
discussion how to tag cycleway underpasses. The tunnel=yes tagged ways 
under highways sometimes are roads under bridges, and sometimes 
something that could be considered a tunnel (narrow walls) by a liberal 
definition of tunnel. "Real" tunnels are much longer than they are wide, 
aren't they?

I would rather omit these "useless" tunnels from the map display, at 
least as long as one can't easily select which layers to display on the 
map. There are many access=private tunnels under cities that the general 
public is not aware of: wastewater treatment, access tunnels to railway 
tunnels, tunnels for emergency vehicles, you name it. It would be 
confusing to see them as ways on the map.  That's why I hid the 
underground railways in the default style.


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