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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap style parsing question.

From Walter Schlögl walter.schloegl-resch at aon.at on Sun Oct 17 08:48:56 BST 2010

>>> What I believe could be useful (if this feature is already
>>> available then forgive me posting) would be an option to
>>> report ignored tags and tag/value pairs which would alert
>>> the user that certain features are not rendered by the
>>> current style.
>> I don't think this is doable. There are thousands of tags and tag/value
>> pairs out there which are documented nowhere. Just have a look at
>> Tagwatch (http://tagwatch.stoecker.eu/Planet/De/index.html). Mappers do
>> have a lot of imagination sometimes ;-).
> I see it the other way. I *think* it should be doable not to hard. The
> style matcher has to match the style rules for each element in the osm
> file. If he could not match any rule then it should printout a warning.
> I expect them to be thousands too. I don't know if this would help to 
> user.
> Johann

This is the statistics from OSM-Composer, maybe it's helpfull for this 
There is a limit you can set, below this limit the TAGs are not mentioned.
Aditionally you can set a flag to add up only the tag-name without each 
different value,
such tags are shown with a * only (e.g. is_in/*)

not mapped Tags:
3465  way:layer/*
3352  way:is_in/*
608  way:addr:interpolation/*
562  way:electrified/*
422  way:usage/main
395  way:tracks/2
370  node:highway/turning_circle
327  way:tracks/1
274  node:dispensing/yes

This feature is one of the reasons I am using the Composer,
but without the add_up option, there will be thousands of entries in this 
Composer also has an ignore option, these TAGs are completely ignored.


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