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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap style parsing question.

From Till Straumann Till.Straumann at alumni.TU-Berlin.de on Fri Oct 15 01:21:46 BST 2010


I'm a new user of mkgmap -- many thanks for the great tool!! --
and I have a suggestion:

After creating one of my first maps
I was surprised to not see a particular feature in the 'img'
map even though it is present in OSM.

After digging around for a while I found that this feature
is marked in OSM as 'railway=disused'.

I found that the default mkgmap style has a 'railway=abandoned'
rule and after I added 'railway=disused' everything worked
as expected. Apparently, since mkgmap didn't find a rule
for 'railway=disused' the railway just got silently dropped.

What I believe could be useful (if this feature is already
available then forgive me posting) would be an option to
report ignored tags and tag/value pairs which would alert
the user that certain features are not rendered by the
current style.

Thanks again
-- Till

PS: Please 'cc' me on any replies; I'm not (yet) subscribed
to this list.

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