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[mkgmap-dev] continue command in combination with add-pois-to-areas

From Walter Schlögl walter.schloegl-resch at aon.at on Sun Oct 10 14:55:20 BST 2010

There seems to be a bug in mkgmap which has now been confirmed by another 


The continue command is not working properly in combination 
with --add-pois-to-areas

Here are the parameters, how it was confirmed.

points style:

shop=car_repair [0x2c14 continue]
shop=car_repair [0x2c09]

and a polygon style:

shop=car_repair [0x12]

Processing this on a very simple OSM file containing one polygon tagged 
shop=car_repair and one point tagged shop=car_repair, using 
the --add-pois-to-areas switch, I see:
One polygon of type 0x12, with a 0x2c09 POI in the centre
Two POIs consisting of one of type 0x2c09 overlain on top of another of type 

There should be no difference, all shop=car_repair should get both icons 
(2c14 and 2c09) regardless if it is a polygon or a point.

It would be nice, if someone of the developers could reproduce this.

Walter Schlögl

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