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[mkgmap-dev] basic search

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Sun Oct 3 15:36:55 BST 2010

>> But if I registry this mapset with mapsource, then I only can see the
>> map. Searching for adresses does not work, because the menu item is
>> grayed out. Is this a expected behaviour or did I something wrong?
> How did you register with mapsource? Activating index requires a few 
> keys in the registry. The simplest way is to download NSIS and create an 
> installer using the .nsi file generated by mkgmap with the option --nsis
Thanks for the hint. I set the registry keys by hand and forgot the idx 
and mdr keys. After adding it, address search works fine in mapsource.

After transferring the maps to the etrex, it works partially. If try to 
enter an adress, I have to enter it in the order housenumber, street, 
city. No country, maybe because my map contains only one country.

Entering a street does only work, if I enter a number before. Then 
street search seems to work very ok. When I try to enter a city, I see a 
list of probably all cities. But with the entering the first character, 
no matter which one, the list gets empty.

I have a week remembering that on this list some time ago there was some 
findings with the ordering of the input fields. Was this issue solved or 
is it expected not to work?

Johann Gail

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