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[mkgmap-dev] continue command and name changes in combination with add-pois-to-areas

From Walter Schlögl walter.schloegl-resch at aon.at on Sun Oct 3 15:16:04 BST 2010

I am mapping shops, hotels and many others with --add-pois-to-areas to a 
POI, that's working fine.
But when I try to change the name for such a POI, eg
tourism=hotel   { name '${name} (${stars}-Stars)' | '${name}' | 
'${stars}-Stars' }   [0x2B01 resolution 22]
only hotels which are placed as point will get this name.
All hotels placed as polygon and converted to a point will keep their 
unchanged name.

Also when I'm using the continue command, it's not working for POIs mapped 
from areas.

Is there any incompatibility with these features?

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