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[mkgmap-dev] Trouble getting some multipolygons to render inmkgmap

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Sep 24 18:29:06 BST 2010

> WanMil schrieb am 24.09.2010 17:35:
>> The mp code must check if the mp itself contains the
>> relevant polygon tags or if the tagging should be taken from the outer
>> ways. For this purpose a list of known polygon tags is used and up to
>> now leisure is not in this list.
> My understanding of the multipolygons is, that the tags may EITHER be in the
> relation OR on the outer polygons. So the outerpoylgons are only to be used,
> when there are no tags on the relation.
> If the relation itself is tagged and there is a tag on the outerpolygons, this
> does logical mean, that the outerpolygon tags apply to the complete area
> including the inner-area.
> There shouldn't be a list of concerned tags, since any area tags may be used.

I agree.
But the real world does not strictly follow this definition. 
Unfortunately very lots of mps are tagged with some non polygon tags and 
therefore I introduced the list of well known polygon tags. At least 
this was neccessary when I implemented the mp code.

You càn check yourself if it's now the time to remove this polygon list. 
I have attached a patch that follows your proposal. Just test it and let 
us know.


> Gruss
> Torsten
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