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[mkgmap-dev] Trouble getting some multipolygons to render inmkgmap

From Torsten Leistikow de_muur at gmx.de on Fri Sep 24 17:28:53 BST 2010

WanMil schrieb am 24.09.2010 17:35:
> The mp code must check if the mp itself contains the
> relevant polygon tags or if the tagging should be taken from the outer
> ways. For this purpose a list of known polygon tags is used and up to
> now leisure is not in this list.

My understanding of the multipolygons is, that the tags may EITHER be in the
relation OR on the outer polygons. So the outerpoylgons are only to be used,
when there are no tags on the relation.
If the relation itself is tagged and there is a tag on the outerpolygons, this
does logical mean, that the outerpolygon tags apply to the complete area
including the inner-area.

There shouldn't be a list of concerned tags, since any area tags may be used.


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