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[mkgmap-dev] STOP signs and routing

From Hendrik Oesterlin hendrikmail2002 at yahoo.de on Mon Sep 20 11:31:05 BST 2010


Does mkgmap support STOP or GIVE-Way  signs for routing?  It is
acutally interesting to know if the calculated route will bring you in
front of a STOP...

If the sings are tagged like described here
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dstop "As nodes on the
ways approaching intersections" it would be possible to create two
ways in opposite direction, both with oneway=yes, and different values
for maxspeed. The way in direction of the main road could be set to 1
or 2 km/h, so it will cost a couple of extra seconds for the routing

If the original road is already oneway=yes, no opposite way has to be
created, otherwise the original oneway=yes will loose its effect...

What do you thing about this?


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