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[mkgmap-dev] Binary format update

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Thu Sep 16 23:20:48 BST 2010

>> mkgmap already works in parallel if you specifiy multiple osm files
>> which are usually generated by the tile splitter (see parameter
>> --max-jobs). The advantage of my idea would be to skip the tile splitter
>> step.
> Are you sure?

It is only reading the files that is serialised, the rest runs in parallel.

But anyway, I am fairly sure that synchronized statement can be removed. 
  I was never convinced there was a problem in the first place, and the 
alleged problem code is no longer present.

> 	{
> 		LoadableMapDataSource src;
> 		// work around non-reentrancy of GType priority stuff
> 		// by serialising the map reading
> 		synchronized(MapMaker.class) {
> 			src = MapReader.createMapReader(name);
> 			src.config(args.getProperties());
> 			log.info("Started loading " + name);
> 			src.load(name);
> 			log.info("Finished loading " + name);
> 		}
> 		return src;


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