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[mkgmap-dev] Binary OSM file support?

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Sun Sep 12 14:25:30 BST 2010

Hello Jeffrey,

Thanks very much for this. It's likely to be a while before I get a chance 
to look at and apply these sorry, but hopefully will find some time next 
weekend. Perhaps in the meantime if you have a current build of the splitter 
that includes these patches you could make it available for others to test 
and provide some initial feedback on?

The one thing I'm not sure about is the last one with the new thread design 
- I know it provides a decent performance boost, but I'm a little uneasy 
with the way it achieves this by using more threads than CPU cores. AFAIK 
that patch is incidental to the rest of the binary file support though so 
shouldn't affect this transition.


> Here's a quick rebasing of the patches in Scott's splitter repository
> to the current splitter trunk.  My Java dev system is down for some
> upgrades at the moment so I haven't even compiled these yet but
> hopefully I didn't do too bad of a job of resolving the conflicts.

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