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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap.jar download possibility / license compatitibility

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Thu Sep 2 21:13:28 BST 2010

  I would like to have an easy possibility to download mkgmap.jar 
standalone (from commandline).

As far as I understand, as soon as I offer mkgmap.jar to download 
somewhere, or include it somewhere, I have to host/supply the sourcecode 
too (forever - or whatever forever means), or am I wrong?
What is the easiest way to simply distribute (the newest) unchanged from 
main trunk mkgmap.jar - for users to download via commandline (inside 

I have no problems putting a mkgmap.jar standalone file for the intended 
use (recreating address index / overview map for existing .img maps) on 
my own (sponsored) server - but cannot fully grasp what I have to do to 
achieve this. The mkgmap-latest download is not really nice, because it 
includes a lot of bloat for the intended purpose of simply regenerating 
an address index and overview map for a compilation of .img files (or 
possibly also create a gmapsupp). Currently I don't intend to change the 
sourcecode (maybe oneday integrate patches for the overviewmap branch 
once it has advanced but not been taken into trunk.. but I assume this 
would only be for short time)

Thanks for help, from someone who has profound understanding of the GPL...

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