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[mkgmap-dev] somewhat OT: garmin oregon disklabel?

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Tue Aug 31 19:29:58 BST 2010

"Jeroen Muris" <jeroen at tweejee.net> writes:

> My Oregon 550T shows two FAT32 formatted disks in Windows 7 and XP, and
> from memory (lost the Mac and the Slackware laptop) I could read/write
> these in both OS X and linux.


> Maybe your OS lacks a driver for FAT32?

I can read a 16G CF from a dslr just fine, and also the 2G uSD in an
etrex works ok.  I think the problem is that there is no partition
table.  Is the windows-world assumption probably that the filesystem
starts at sector 63?  Normally NetBSD wants to use a partition table to
find the filesytem and say what type it is.  I'll have to try to fake
that up.

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