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[mkgmap-dev] somewhat OT: garmin oregon disklabel?

From Jeroen Muris jeroen at tweejee.net on Tue Aug 31 13:53:05 BST 2010

My Oregon 550T shows two FAT32 formatted disks in Windows 7 and XP, and
from memory (lost the Mac and the Slackware laptop) I could read/write
these in both OS X and linux.

Maybe your OS lacks a driver for FAT32?


-----[ Greg Troxel ]-----
> I just got a garmin oregon 450 (for hacking OSM/mkgmap).  It attaches as
> two disks (internal flash and uSD slot):

 --- 8< --- snip --- 8< ---

> A mac reads the filesystem just fine, but didn't obviously tell me what
> it was.  I hear it works on Linux.
> Has anyone managed to read this with free software?  Could they describe
> the type of filesystem and layout, and why there's no MBR partition
> table?

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