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[mkgmap-dev] img subfile extraction

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Aug 27 17:42:33 BST 2010

I have added some code so that these tools are also capable to handle 
the GMP subfile format. I will post some patches for that in a few days 
(need to cleanup the code a bit...)

Have fun!

>> Is there an easy way to extract the sub-files of a Gramin img file, either
>> by using some of the mkgmap code or another piece of software?  I am
>> interested in delving deeper into the file format and playing around with
>> the unknown areas.
> You should have a look at the tools mdrdisplay, srtdisplay, noddisplay,
> ... from the author of mkgmap. This tools are displaying the data of the
> subsections in more or less readable cleartext.
> One of this tools (ExtractFiles) is capable of extracting the subfiles
> from the img.
> Subversion archive of the java sources is at
> http://svn.parabola.me.uk/display/trunk
> IIRC the tools are based on parts of the mkgmap code.
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