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[mkgmap-dev] img subfile extraction

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Thu Aug 26 18:21:14 BST 2010

> Is there an easy way to extract the sub-files of a Gramin img file, either
> by using some of the mkgmap code or another piece of software?  I am
> interested in delving deeper into the file format and playing around with
> the unknown areas.
You should have a look at the tools mdrdisplay, srtdisplay, noddisplay, 
... from the author of mkgmap. This tools are displaying the data of the 
subsections in more or less readable cleartext.
One of this tools (ExtractFiles) is capable of extracting the subfiles 
from the img.

Subversion archive of the java sources is at 

IIRC the tools are based on parts of the mkgmap code.

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