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[mkgmap-dev] Style : lower case

From David david.tlp at orange.fr on Sun Aug 22 23:36:32 BST 2010


The option lowercase has a side effect on lines name. To draw oriented 
text along lines features, Garmin use a vectorial uppercase font. With 
the lower-case option, some GPS like Etrex cannot display these names or 
you can see almost for example "G**** R****" horizontally  instead of 
"Green River" along the corresponding river. It would be great if the 
lower-case option could be managed with a third state : 
partial-lower-case whic preserve upper case for lines and allow lower 
case for points and polygons.

A fast patch could be something like that in polylines class (probably 
in the 2 write methods) :

memoLabelUpperCaseState = label.upperCase;
label.upperCase = true;
do everything needed for writing polyline ;
label.upperCase = memoLabelUpperCaseState;

All the best,
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