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[mkgmap-dev] one wish for creating a style

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Wed Aug 18 06:53:05 BST 2010

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 07:41:55AM +0300, Harri wrote:
>Here's an example from my style how I use adding info multiple times:
># append to name
>highway=cycleway & surface=paved   {set name='${name}+P'}
>highway=cycleway & surface=unpaved {set name='${name}-P'}
># keep appending more
>highway=cycleway & lit=yes { set name='${name}+L' }
>highway=cycleway & lit=no  { set name='${name}-L' }
># set name finally
>highway=cycleway {name '${name}
>highway=cycleway {add motorcar = no} [0x27 road_class=0 road_speed=0
>resolution 22]

(How) do you watch these names when riding your bike? Have you 
considered using different line styles for all 4 combinations of 
{paved,unpaved}×{lit,unlit}? Something like this would be useful when 
mapping. Also segregated=yes/no, moped=yes/no, but that would blow up to 
16 combinations already.

This may be getting off-topic, but I have found municipal aerial imagery 
and Google Street View imagery useful. When I find something interesting 
(pedestrian crossing, bus stop, change in pavement, driveway crossing, 
whatever) I push the Lap button on my Edge.  At home, I load the *.tcx 
file in JOSM and check the LAP001... points, using the aerial imagery 
and Google Street View (where available) to boost my memory. This 
"memory extension" is a good thing, because I don't have to hurry to 
process all 400km of rides I have pending, with over 1,000 marked 
points. I can do it in the dark, snowy winter months.

>Unfortunately that is not one line syntax but on the other hand it 
>needs the comperations anyway.

Fortunately the style file directives are now processed in sequence.  A 
year ago it was not the case: matching rules could be executed in any 


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