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[mkgmap-dev] Possibility to split two or more files on the same run

From Harri kuuma at bastu.net on Sun Aug 15 21:30:49 BST 2010

On 08/15/2010 10:59 PM, frmas wrote:
> I read openstreetmap wiki mkgmap/routing and maybe my problems could be
> because a track is setted to type 0x0a and path to type 0x16 in my style
> and TYP files. Maybe I should assign different type to the paths and
> tracks depending on their subtags.

If my memory serves correctly, both are routable types and there should 
be no problem.

>But how to prefer a path to a track,
> and a track to a route, I don't know if it's possible.

If you need no road routing you could use road_class for preference. 
Garmin seems to prefer higher road_class (or even ignore lower classes 
if there are lots of roads).

That seems to be the reason why Garmin routes so easily bicycles through 
major roads (with high road_class) even if you ask for the shortest 
route. If the road network is large, a lot of high class roads can lead 
into excessively long route caculation time (or even a failure).

I used that in my try to route bicycle better. Unfortunately the long 
calcultion time was a huge problem with lots of cycleways on a long 
route. My test route (about 17km in Helsinki) lead to calculation time 
(and recalculation!) of about 2-3 minutes on my Oregon 550 when all the 
paved cycleways had been elevated to road_class 3 or 4. The route 
preferred cycleways over  larger car roads (with road_class lot less 
than 4) though.

With shorter routes or less dense road network (like some hiking area) 
this is probably not as huge problem. Doing that would break car routing 
also (because you'd have to classify them a lot lower than the preferred 

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