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[mkgmap-dev] Possibility to split two or more files on the same run

From frmas frmas at free.fr on Sat Aug 14 17:06:13 BST 2010

Le 14/08/2010 17:41, Johann Gail a écrit :

>> You can split mutliple files in the same run no problem (using the same syntax 
>> as in your example), [...] In fact it's quite likely that at least one tile (probably 
>> more) will contain nodes from BOTH osm files, [...]
> Be carefull with this maps. It is a known issue, that routing over the 
> borders of two excerpts of geofabric will not work. So even when you get 
> a single tile with nodes from both files, there are problems to be 
> expected. The background is, that the last segments of streets are 
> missing at the borders of the geofabric regions.

OK, didn't know that. Thank you.

I've never been successful with routing using my maps on my Oregon 450.
This is the way I create my routing map, but it doesn't work. I must do
something wrong.
This is part of my script file :

  OPTIONS_MKGMAP_ROUTING="                \
  -Xmx896M                                \
  -jar $FILEDIR/mkgmap.jar                \
  --adjust-turn-headings                  \
  --check-roundabouts                     \
  --check-roundabout-flares               \
  --draw-priority=1                       \
  --family-id=888                         \
  --ignore-maxspeeds                      \
  --ignore-turn-restrictions              \
  --latin1                                \
  --link-pois-to-ways                     \
  --location-autofill=1                   \
  --mapname="88880000"                    \
  --remove-short-arcs                     \
  --report-dead-ends=1                    \
  --road-name-pois=0x2f15                 \
  --route                                 \
  --style-file=$FILEDIR/styles/routing    \
  --transparent                           \

  java $OPTIONS_MKGMAP_ROUTING --description="$description_routing_map"

I use to map specialy hiking trails. I do not know if it's possible to
use routing thru trails and paths across mountains.

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