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[mkgmap-dev] Possibility to split two or more files on the same run

From frmas frmas at free.fr on Sat Aug 14 14:55:31 BST 2010

Le 14/08/2010 10:53, Johann Gail a écrit :
>> I would like to know if it's possible to run the splitter against two or
>> more files on the same run? For example, is is possible to run splitter
>> that way :
>>   java -Xmx896m -jar splitter.jar --cache=~/tmp
>> --geonames-file=cities1000.zip --max-areas=30 --max-nodes=1000000
>> --description="OSM Map" --mapid=66660001 baden_wuerttemberg.osm.bz2
>> bayern.osm.bz2
>> I need the files produced by splitter to be numbered that way :
>> the ones from the baden_wuerttemberg.osm.bz2 file : 66660001 to 66660010
>> (for example) et the one from bayern.osm.bz2 from 66660011 to 666600xx
>> Thank you. Francois
> I have never tried, but I don't think this is possible. Why do you not
> use two separate runs? The first one splits baden-wuertemberg into 10
> tiles (for example) . If you start the second run with --mapid=66660010
> you will get the wanted result.

Yes, but I have to know first how many tiles the first run will give me.
As the files are growing day after day, I could overwrite one of the
resulting file.
A possibility to give more than one osm.bz2 to the splitter could make
the process more secure.

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