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[mkgmap-dev] Possibility to split two or more files on the same run

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Sat Aug 14 14:28:48 BST 2010

Hello Francois,

You can split mutliple files in the same run no problem (using the same syntax 
as in your example), but there's no way to control what map IDs are assigned 
to which tiles. In fact it's quite likely that at least one tile (probably 
more) will contain nodes from BOTH osm files, so numbering the tiles based 
on their source osm file isn't possible. If you really want the tiles to 
be specific to a particular osm file and numbered a certain way, then you'll 
need to take Johann's advice and run the splitter once for each source file 


> Hello,
> I would like to know if it's possible to run the splitter against two
> or more files on the same run? For example, is is possible to run
> splitter that way :
> java -Xmx896m -jar splitter.jar --cache=~/tmp
> --geonames-file=cities1000.zip --max-areas=30 --max-nodes=1000000
> --description="OSM Map" --mapid=66660001 baden_wuerttemberg.osm.bz2
> bayern.osm.bz2
> I need the files produced by splitter to be numbered that way :
> the ones from the baden_wuerttemberg.osm.bz2 file : 66660001 to
> 66660010
> (for example) et the one from bayern.osm.bz2 from 66660011 to 666600xx
> Thank you. Francois

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