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[mkgmap-dev] Routing does not work since December.

From Paul Ortyl ortylp at 3miasto.net.pl on Mon Aug 9 17:00:20 BST 2010


On 9 August 2010 10:54, Marko Mäkelä <marko.makela at iki.fi> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>>I wanted to report that routing through Europe is broken.  I have
>>noticed it in December 2009, but did not report it then because I
>>thought that my nüvi got broken.
> I think that we have two variables at play here: software revisions
> (mkgmap and splitter) and data revisions (Geofabrik extracts).
> Do you happen to have old europe.osm.bz2 files lying around? Do they
> process fine with current splitter and mkgmap? It could be that the data
> (or the mkgmap default style) has grown so much that more stuff is
> pulled in and some internal limit is exceeded.
You might be right.  Sorry, I have no old copies of europe.osm.bz2 to check it.

> For what it is worth, in early 2009 I was able to compile a routable
> Finland in 2 tiles (and soon thereafter in 3 tiles). Now I need 6 tiles.
>>I generate my maps always with latest svn HEAD using the following
>>java -Xmx3000m -jar splitter.jar --max-nodes=400000 europe.osm.bz2 --cache=/tmp
>>java -Xmx3600m -jar mkgmap.jar --index --description="EU" --route
>>--series-name=OSM_EU --remove-short-arcs --description=OSM_EU_routing
>>--tdbfile --add-pois-to-areas *.osm.gz
>>The maps get written to destination img file using MapSource 6.13.7.
> Did you try a smaller --max-nodes? Do you archive the areas.list or the
> software revision numbers that you are using? That could be a good idea
> for the future. I keep my scripts in a local Subversion repository, but
> I do not archive the source .osm.bz2 file.

My scripts have not been changed in last year.

I'll try again with smaller --max-nodes.

Should I expect, that routing in MapSource should work?


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