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[mkgmap-dev] natural=sand / natural=beach / surface=sand

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Mon Aug 2 11:20:24 BST 2010

Proposal for adding natural=sand to the default mkgmap styles.
The tag natural=sand is commonly used in the Netherlands for extensive areas of so called drift-sand (Dutch: zandverstuivingen, in osm on >300 ways/relations), which are unique in Europe. Can be rendered the same as natural=beach, which isn't rendered as well. Also surface=sand (used in polygons) can be considered to this group.

Maybe the garmin type 0x53 (sand, tidal mud) is suited for this group, but I don't know how badly this will appear on Garmin/Mapsource (blue?). Since I'm using a TYP file it isn't my problem ;-)

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