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[mkgmap-dev] Problems with options

From David david.tlp at orange.fr on Sun Aug 1 22:19:09 BST 2010

With version 1667, I am not able to use my custom style file. If I 
launch the command java -enableassertions -Xmx1024M mkgmap.jar 
--style-file=./styles (or ./styles.zip) --list-style the result is the 
list of the styles contained in my ./styles directory or my archive 
styles.zip. if I define these options in a text file called with -c 
argument, it does not work despite dozens other options are well read 
(mapname, family...). I tested my custom style by replacing default 
style and rebuilding mkgmap to test the syntax and it works fine...
I also tested --style-file  and --style directly in command line and it 
works fine.
The problem seems to occur when style-file and style options are used in 
a text file.
The route option also does not work in a text file but --route works 
fine in command line.
I also noted lots of "GRAVE" errors  for RoadNetwork linked to zero 
length arc at level 17 (I thought routing worked only at the finest LOD 
of the map (24 in my case).

Best regards,

PS : I made all my tests with the ireland.osm file from geofabrik.de

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