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[mkgmap-dev] style-file: tourism=resort

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Thu Jul 29 00:37:54 BST 2010

Hi Marko!
> Welcome to the club. I guess everyone will sooner or later realize that 
> the Garmin software is crap but the hardware is reasonable.
But I think you have not yet tried the Oregon. If you think that other 
Garmin devices have bad software then you should look at the Oregon to 
taste really bad software!
>  I sort of 
> knew that before I got the Edge 705 in January 2009. I will jump ship as 
> soon as someone produces something reasonably open that I can use when 
> bicycling in any weather (including rain or winter), with a sturdy 
> handlebar mount and cadence/heart rate sensors. I hope that my Edge 
> won't die before that. :-)
My boyfriend jogged some days before at rain through the nearby forest. 
Afterwards the display of his forerunner was wet inside and broken. The 
forerunner was not completely damaged, he could read out his tracks, but 
the display remained dead even after a day. It had let water in but not 
out again.
> I don't really agree on the furniture shops, though. In a big city, you 
> may have furniture shops in the outskirts, and you might pick up a 
> carpet or some decoration items when travelling.
OK, you are right. It is not that I would have something against 
furniture shops, it's more that I think there are more necessary shops 
that were forgotten. In older Garmin devices like the Etrexes one could 
easily use new numbers that let to multiple "Others" menus. In the 
Oregon the number is range is limited.
> Don't get me started on that. In the Edge 705, Units is translated to 
> "Laitteet" (Devices) in Finnish. Power is translated to "voima" (force), 
> and in the Finnish translations, a possible unit of altitude is miles (I 
> guess it'd be feet).
I know that it is not easy to translate things correctly since the 
people who translate must know the context. And always errors can 
happen. I once worked for a company that built mobile phones. There we 
had often bad translations. For example, the word "left". The translator 
had not read the text that explained, that we meant, how many credits 
are left. So he translated it with the opposite of "right". Or another 
saw the word "English". In the explanation was written: "Do not 
translate it with the word "English" in your Language, but write down 
the name of your language in your language. So we got the greek word for 
english (Anglika) in the greek menu instead of "Ellinika". (All with 
greek letters, of course)
>> Normally I would suggest to recycle this item but it is located under
>> lodging and there is no other thing that would make sense to be
>> summarized under this item in my opinion.
> There is one, which I was just about to commit:
> +amenity=nursing_home [0x3002 resolution 21]
> But 0x3002 is already crowded (hospitals, doctors, healthcare=* etc).  
> Nursing homes are a form of lodging, so reusing the code of resort seems 
> reasonable.
Yes, indeed. It will perhaps confuse the Oregon users a bit, since they 
will find it under sorts of "holiday places", but they will live with 
it. ;-))))
>> P.S: BTW: If you add something the next time to the svn I would suggest
>> to add cuisine=bavarian to the same item as cuisine=german at
>> amenity=restaurant.
> During my stay in Lübeck back in 1994, someone sent a postcard from 
> Bavaria to the student dormitory. The address line included 
> "Deutschland", implying that Bavaria is not Germany. But OK, I will 
> comply. :-)
Hey, I am from Bavaria and I can tell you for sure that Bavaria belongs 
politically to Germany even if there are Bavarians who would deny it! 
;-))) But perhaps we get independent again, with an own king, like in 
the good old days.
(I know, it is in German, but just have a look at the photos!)
He was also the "real" inventor of Cinderellas Castle: 

Greetings from Dani

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