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[mkgmap-dev] style-file: tourism=resort

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Mon Jul 26 18:45:01 BST 2010

Hi Dani,

Welcome to the club. I guess everyone will sooner or later realize that 
the Garmin software is crap but the hardware is reasonable. I sort of 
knew that before I got the Edge 705 in January 2009. I will jump ship as 
soon as someone produces something reasonably open that I can use when 
bicycling in any weather (including rain or winter), with a sturdy 
handlebar mount and cadence/heart rate sensors. I hope that my Edge 
won't die before that. :-)

I don't really agree on the furniture shops, though. In a big city, you 
may have furniture shops in the outskirts, and you might pick up a 
carpet or some decoration items when travelling.

On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 01:43:40AM +0200, Daniela Duerbeck wrote:
>I thought a resort was something like: 

Funny, I just mapped a somewhat similar site, http://www.visulahti.fi. I 
did not use tourism=resort, but tourism=camp_site, leisure=water_park, 
tourism=museum, tourism=artwork, amenity=restaurant, and the like.

>The funny thing is that also the translators for the localized versions 
>of Garmin devices are not sure what Garmin originally meant with 

Don't get me started on that. In the Edge 705, Units is translated to 
"Laitteet" (Devices) in Finnish. Power is translated to "voima" (force), 
and in the Finnish translations, a possible unit of altitude is miles (I 
guess it'd be feet).

>Normally I would suggest to recycle this item but it is located under
>lodging and there is no other thing that would make sense to be
>summarized under this item in my opinion.

There is one, which I was just about to commit:

+amenity=nursing_home [0x3002 resolution 21]

But 0x3002 is already crowded (hospitals, doctors, healthcare=* etc).  
Nursing homes are a form of lodging, so reusing the code of resort seems 

>P.S: BTW: If you add something the next time to the svn I would suggest
>to add cuisine=bavarian to the same item as cuisine=german at

During my stay in Lübeck back in 1994, someone sent a postcard from 
Bavaria to the student dormitory. The address line included 
"Deutschland", implying that Bavaria is not Germany. But OK, I will 
comply. :-)


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