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[mkgmap-dev] style-file: tourism=resort

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Mon Jul 26 00:43:40 BST 2010

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> "svn blame" reveals that I added it last January, in r1458, in an
"blame" is no nice term. :-(
> attempt to cover more of the built-in Garmin types:
> Enable some POIs in the default style: amenity=car_club, natural=stream, 
> shop=boat, shop=car_wrecker, sport=airport, tourism=resort.
What you did is honorable work. When I would like to blame someone for 
this menu item it is Garmin ... ;-) They implement so many items that 
may be useful for americans but they do not think about the rest of the 
world. The shop menu should IMHO be expanded by more items.For example 
they have "House furnishings". When I am at home I normally know where 
to find the next dealer and in holidays I never needed a new furniture. 
But my glasses were not only once broken in holidays. So it would be 
nice to be able to find the next optician. They also like to summarize 
Pharmacies and Chemists under the same item. But in Europe you do not 
get real medicine at a chemist, you need a Pharmacy. So it makes no 
sense for Europeans to summarize this under the same item unless you are 
searching just for cotton wool or toothpaste.
> What would you suggest then? Translate tourism=holiday_resort to this 
> type as well? Not being a native speaker or a fan of hot weather, I 
> would guess that "resort" means a "tourist trap" in a warm area next to 
> a sandy beach. What is used for the tourist locations along the 
> Mediterranean sea or the Caribbean and Pacific oceans?
I thought a resort was something like: http://www.centerparcs.com/EN/GB/home

The funny thing is that also the translators for the localized versions 
of Garmin devices are not sure what Garmin originally meant with 
"Resort". They translated it to "Urlaubsort" in German what for me is 
any Location where I spend my holidays. That may be an Island, a city or 
a small village.

Normally I would suggest to recycle this item but it is located under 
lodging and there is no other thing that would make sense to be 
summarized under this item in my opinion. So holiday_resort would at 
least bring one item to show up in Europe. But perhaps in America there 
are resorts so we should add the tags they use to classify this 
mysterious thing. If Americans have ideas what to add here, I would 
encourage them to leave a note ...


P.S: BTW: If you add something the next time to the svn I would suggest 
to add cuisine=bavarian to the same item as cuisine=german at 

P.P.S: I found another often used tag for cuisine and this is 
"regional". This tag is impossible to summarize to any other tag since 
regional is dependant from where the restaurant is located. Should we 
encourage to rename this tag to the osm users? Any restaurant tagged 
with this tag is just found under "other". I sometimes think that the 
osm users tag to tag an not to find something or let it be found by 
users that use the maps.

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