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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap-dev Digest, Vol 24, Issue 23

From Alan Millar am12 at bolis.com on Thu Jul 22 19:02:13 BST 2010

I think "gut" is a fairly uncommon word.

> According to Wikipedia: 
> Gut (topography), relatively small coastal waterway connecting larger
> waterways

But even there, it is only on the disambiguation page; there is no actual
article for it.

> Or it is an american term that is uncommon by the British? ;-) 

That may be true, but as an American I would say it is uncommon in America
also :-)

A few people use it; see for example:


That site also refers to a gut as an inlet or slough.  Those are much more
common words in America. I wonder who picked "gut" for the Garmin usage? 

- Alan

Alan Millar       am12 at bolis.com

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