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[mkgmap-dev] Suugestion for default style: 660c for island instead of 650c

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Thu Jul 22 02:34:18 BST 2010

Hi Charlie!
> I would say to leave it at 0x650c: there are other items in the 0x65--  
> series that are not obviously made of water (e.g. sand bar), but which  
> are located in or near water.  0x650c is listed as "island" by  
> cGPSmapper, but falls in the "water based" category in Mapsource /  
> GPS.  I guess it kind of makes sense as an island is in the water.

Thank you for your answer. A little bit I thought that my 
misunderstanding came from a ambiguous translation in the Garmin software.
> 0x660x is listed by cGPSmapper as "gut" and is adjacent to other land  
> features like gap, isthmus etc so I assume it means either some sort  
> of cut-away in the land by the coast, or a promontory into the sea.   
> As a native English speaker I can't say I've ever heard the term used  
> in this way, but perhaps it's a specific geographical usage.
Or it is an american term that is uncommon by the British? ;-) After 
what I have found in the German menu of my Oregon I think everything is 
possible ...


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