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[mkgmap-dev] camp_sites in Oregon have 2b05

From Daniela Duerbeck daniela.duerbeck at gmx.de on Tue Jul 20 16:50:01 BST 2010

Martin Simon wrote:
> I can search for all lodging places, only for hotels & motels, only
> for bed & breakfast or only for camping/caravaning places via the
> categories menue. (firmware: 3.20/2.90)
OOops, I forgot the context menu ...
Yes, In the Vista a Camp_site has 2b03.
> I don't know about the icon, I use a custon typ file. But didn't you
> write your Oregon wants camp sites to be 0x2b05?
When I use a testmap that contains all possible POIs and search for 
Campground the number of the found POI is 0x2b05. In the Oregon "All 
categories" are 2b00, 2b01, 2b02, 2b04, 2b05 2b07.

But when I use a map that takes 2b03 for camp_site, the Campground 
nereby gets a tent icon. But since the Oregon expects camp_sites to have 
2b05 it cannot be found via the search menu.


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