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[mkgmap-dev] Far-east asia character encoding

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Jul 19 22:04:15 BST 2010


> I dont know if this has been raised before but even mkgmap-1655 could
> not produce an .IMG with proper Japanese character encoding.

Do you have a Garmin unit that displays Japanese characters?  It would 
be great to get this working, but I've never had any way of testing it.

> I see the code assumes ENCODING_FORMAT9 when the specified --charset
> falls into the "any" category. The function
> CodeFunctions.guessCodePage() is also rather limited.
> To get an .IMG with the correct Japanese encoding, the correct settings
> are: ENCODING_FORMAT10 img encoding / Codepage 932 / SJIS/MS932
> character encoding.
> I've added this IF-block into CodeFunctions.createEncoderForLBL():
> } else if ("sjis".equals(charset) || "ms932".equals(charset)) {
> funcs.setEncodingType(ENCODING_FORMAT10);
> funcs.setEncoder(new AnyCharsetDecoder(charset));
> funcs.setCodepage(932);
> }

Yes you need to stop it falling into the Any case, so that looks like 
the correct change to make.

So is it the case that this change is working and ready to be committed?


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