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[mkgmap-dev] Far-east asia character encoding

From Tan, Eng Ten tanengten at yahoo.com on Mon Jul 19 02:42:30 BST 2010

Hi all,

I dont know if this has been raised before but even mkgmap-1655 could not 
produce an .IMG with proper Japanese character encoding.

I see the code assumes ENCODING_FORMAT9 when the specified  --charset falls into 
the "any" category. The function CodeFunctions.guessCodePage() is also rather 

To get an .IMG with the correct Japanese encoding, the correct settings are: 
ENCODING_FORMAT10 img encoding / Codepage 932 / SJIS/MS932 character encoding.

I've added this IF-block into CodeFunctions.createEncoderForLBL():
} else if ("sjis".equals(charset) || "ms932".equals(charset)) {
            funcs.setEncoder(new AnyCharsetDecoder(charset));

An alternative is to allow explicit setting of encodingType (FORMAT6/9/10) from 
the command line. I see there is already a --code-page command line parameter 
and maybe this explicit value (if set) should override guessCodePage().


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