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[mkgmap-dev] Adaptable paths for input and output files

From Markus spamgourmet.org at neuronenwerk.de on Tue Jul 13 11:44:56 BST 2010

As already mentioned in a previous mail, I'd deem it a useful extension to
make splitter.jar and mkgmap.jar aware of source and target (output)

Right now I'm thinking about how the source directory can be implemented
for mkgmap.jar in a meaningful way.

As to my knowledge, all path parameters of the present switches honor
directory paths. Thus providing a set of gzipped files on the command line
does work as expected. However, if the template.args file is going to be
used instead, things are different.

All "input-file" entries in template.args are listed without a path. I
suppose the assumption is that template.args is always in the same
directory with the splitting result (and that this should not change).

If this is the case, it would be useful to prepend the path of the option
file (ie. template.args) to the "input-file"-name at the command line
parsing stage.

The advantage of this approach would also be that it doesn't touch the
default behaviour. Ie. nothing changes for users that don't specify a path
to template.args, but just the filename.

I'd be interested if you consider this a valid way of handling input files
outside the CWD when using the -c option.

Thanks and all the best,

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