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[mkgmap-dev] New cmdline switch for splitter.jar

From Markus mkgmap.666.brainbug at spamgourmet.org on Fri Jul 9 20:57:54 BST 2010


I have to agree with Greg; while reasoning about this kind of
motoric automatism, I also came to the conclusion that --destdir 
is usually used to move stuff (eg. when compiling after code with 
configure/make), while this isn't the case here.

It might be more comprehensible with --output-dir.

Hence I did a
perl -pi -e 's/destination/output/g;s/fileDestDir/fileOutputDir/g;s/destDir/outputDir/g;s/dest-dir/output-dir/g;s/getDestDir/getOutputDir/g;s/Destination/Output/s'
on the diff as well as the files and put them here (sorry for
the long name):


All the best,

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