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[mkgmap-dev] New cmdline switch for splitter.jar

From Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com on Fri Jul 9 18:08:40 BST 2010

Chris Miller <chris_overseas at hotmail.com> writes:

  >> I in fact called it --output-dir initially. However when I first typed
  >> it at the commandline, I caught myself writing --destdir. I realized
  >> that --destdir is just the name of the option for a lot of tools when
  >> specifying a target directory I'm used to.

> It's not my code, it's everyone's :)  I don't feel particularly strongly 
> about it and in fact was trying to think of examples of other apps without 
> much success. If you think destdir's more commonly used then that's good 
> enough for me.

destdir is typically used to set a prefix for a filesystem hierarchy
that is intended to be moved to be the root filesystem on some other
system, and typically used in cross compiling.  For a data manipulation
program I think --output-dir is more likely to be understood by a
broader audience.

Either way, it's definitely a nice feature.

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