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[mkgmap-dev] New cmdline switch for splitter.jar

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Fri Jul 9 14:17:46 BST 2010

Hi Markus,

It's not my code, it's everyone's :)  I don't feel particularly strongly 
about it and in fact was trying to think of examples of other apps without 
much success. If you think destdir's more commonly used then that's good 
enough for me.

> Hi Chris,
> I in fact called it --output-dir initially. However when I first typed
> it at the commandline, I caught myself writing --destdir. I realized
> that --destdir is just the name of the option for a lot of tools when
> specifying a target directory I'm used to.
> But if you deem --output-dir more accurate, go ahead. It's your code
> in the end.
> All the best,
> /Markus

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