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[mkgmap-dev] New cmdline switch for splitter.jar

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Fri Jul 9 13:51:24 BST 2010

Hello Markus,

Thanks, sounds useful. I'll take a look at your patch and hopefully get it 
incorporated over the weekend. Just a small thing, I'm wondering if --output-dir 
is a better name for the parameter?


> Hi list,
> after realizing that splitter.jar outputs its resulting files in the
> current working directory of the calling process, I decided to
> implement a directory-switch.
> The main motivation is to have a clean file hierarchy for automated
> OSM conversion scripting. This change might seem insignificant to most
> users, however it releaves from jumping around between directories,
> which is tedious when using something more advanced than cmd.exe or
> /bin/sh.
> The result is an additional command line switch "--dest-dir", which
> defaults to the current working directory. Thus it doesn't change the
> previous behaviour, as long as it isn't intentionally set.
> I prepared a unified diff against the src directory and alternatively
> the 3 files changed (based on r117) in this archive:
> http://aloha.target23.de/splitter-directoryswitch.zip
> I hope that it's also going to be helpful for other users of splitter.
> Of course, a directory switch might be also a reasonable extension for
> mkgmap.
> For those interested in trying it out, I've put a .jar here for
> testing:
> http://aloha.target23.de/splitter.jar
> All the best,
> /Markus

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