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[mkgmap-dev] New cmdline switch for splitter.jar

From Markus mkgmap.666.brainbug at spamgourmet.org on Fri Jul 9 13:04:20 BST 2010

Hi list,

after realizing that splitter.jar outputs its resulting files in
the current working directory of the calling process, I decided
to implement a directory-switch. 

The main motivation is to have a clean file hierarchy for
automated OSM conversion scripting. This change might seem
insignificant to most users, however it releaves from jumping
around between directories, which is tedious when using
something more advanced than cmd.exe or /bin/sh.

The result is an additional command line switch "--dest-dir",
which defaults to the current working directory. Thus it doesn't
change the previous behaviour, as long as it isn't intentionally

I prepared a unified diff against the src directory and
alternatively the 3 files changed (based on r117) in this

I hope that it's also going to be helpful for other users of 
splitter. Of course, a directory switch might be also a reasonable 
extension for mkgmap.

For those interested in trying it out, I've put a .jar here for

All the best,

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