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[mkgmap-dev] Missing region and country info since r1627

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Wed Jul 7 19:12:59 BST 2010

Since r1627 region and country info is not displayed in MapSource when 
you search for a place that is tagged in the form 
is_in=province;region;country;continent. If it's tagged using comma 
instead of semicolon in the is_in tag it doesn't seem to be affected. 
Below there are some places with their is_in tags and how they are 
displayed in MapSource.
I have the following difference in my StyledConverter.java file:
-        String region       = element.getTag("is_in:county");
+        String region       = element.getTag("is_in:region");
and till r1626 I thought region name was taken from the is_in:region 
tag, but in the case of Zamora city below it seems to come from the 
second element in the is_in tag (note Castilia vs Castilla). In the case 
of Sabadell it comes from the third element in the is_in tag. Could 
anyone give some light about this issue? In Spain many places are tagged 
using semicolon instead of comma, according to the wiki, so I would like 
to have them correctly displayed in MapSource as before r1627.

name=A Brea
is_in=O pino, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
r1626: A Brea, A CORUÑA, ESP
r1627: A Brea, A CORUÑA, ESP

is_in:Zamora, Castilia y León, Spain, Europe
is_in:region=Castilla y León
r1626: Zamora, CASTILIA Y LEÓN, ESP
r1627: Zamora, CASTILIA Y LEÓN, ESP

is_in=Vallès Occidental, Barcelona, Cataluña, España, Spain
r1626: Sabadell, CATALUÑA, ESP
r1626: Sabadell, CATALUÑA, ESP

name=El Padul
r1626: El Padul, ANDALUCÍA, ESP
r1627: El Padul, ANDALUCÍA, ESP

r1626: Cáceres
r1627: Cáceres, EXTREMADURA, ESP

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