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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap-dev Digest, Vol 24, Issue 1

From Chris Miller chris_overseas at hotmail.com on Thu Jul 1 16:29:52 BST 2010

Hmm, the apostrophe gets escaped when it is written out to the split osm 
file not when the cache is generated, so I don't think a stale cache was 
the problem. Possibly the v83 run generated more output files than v117 and 
so was still around and used as mkgmap input? Anyway, glad to hear you've 
managed to get it working.


> Thanks Chris,
> I did use v117 (latest), but I just ran the job again in a different
> folder, and it seems to work! - it's replacing the in-field
> apostrophes with '. So what must have happened is that I
> originally run splitter v83 WITH cache, and then I reran it with v117
> in the same folder, which possibly didn't solve the problem due to the
> existing cache created by v83. D'oh. My bad.
> Attila

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